Alexandra Whittington

Foresight Director

Fast Future

Alexandra Whittington is a futurist educator, writer, and researcher who has been recognized as one of the world’s top female futurists. As foresight director at Fast Future, she has coauthored numerous books, studies, and articles about the future. Her writing has appeared in publications such as the Financial Times, Economic Voice, Growth Business, and Lawyer Magazine. Alex is interested in the sexual politics of technology in the workplace and at home, among many other subjects. Alexandra has taught as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Houston since 2009, where her students describe her as “passionate” about the future. Her courses explore the impact of technology on society and the future of human ecosystems. She has authored articles in academic publications, including Futures and The Journal of Futures Studies, on topics ranging from travel in 2050 to the future of breastfeeding. Alex has been involved in a number of research and consulting projects for clients such as Nestlé, Aruba, Heathrow, the Lumina Foundation, and Kimberly-Clark. She is on the Futurist Board at the Lifeboat Foundation and contributor to the Lifeboat blog. Alex has a B.A. in Anthropology and an M.S. in Studies of the Future. She is a volunteer reviewer for the Foresight journal and an XPRIZE Community Member. Thanks to years of teaching, Alex is adept at giving diverse audiences a relatable overview of the futurist perspective. She conducts speeches, education sessions, and workshops about the future. Recent speaking engagements include a fireside chat for dxFutures, the Finland Futures Research Conference, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Society of Underwater Technology-Subsea Engineering Society, National Sign Research Education Foundation, the World Future Society, and ASAE Foundation Women Executives’ Forum.


The Social Footprint of Coronavirus

April 11, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has been with us for just a few months but we may now be able to develop insights for emerging futures. What will be the social footprint of the crisis once we move beyond the current situation? Already, many entities have had to reshape themselves. For some, this moment has involved a total rethink of strategy, business models, technology, operating design, and partnerships. The presentation will show ten social shifts that could have lasting impacts.