Ana Jesus

Integrated Environment Assessment Expert

European Environment Agency (EEA)

Ana works for the European Environment Agency (EEA) as an Integrated Environment Assessment Expert since 2019; where she is responsible for coordinating a European network of environment foresight experts. This involves working closely with experts from 38 member countries to exchange knowledge, skills and methodological expertise on foresight and co-create knowledge in support of national and EU environmental policies. Since joining the EEA, Ana has led and contributed to a number of horizon scanning and scenario building projects both initiated by the EEA and by the European Commission. Ana grew-up by the sea in the south of Portugal, where she obtained a Master’s degree in marine ecology and conservation in 2007. Before moving to Denmark to join the EEA, Ana lived in Brazil, Mexico, Spain and finally in the UK, where she spent almost nine years collaborating with a range of national and international stakeholders to monitor and assess the state and trends of the marine environment at multiple scales. Ana is an enthusiastic person, a keen sailor, wild swimmer, humble yogi and sourdough bread maker, driven to bring about positive change.


Building a foresight hub in support of environmental policy in Europe

June 1, 2021

“The European environment – state and outlook 2020”, the European Environment Agency’s flagship report, highlighted the important role of foresight in the governance of sustainability transitions, where it offers ways to engage diverse stakeholders, visualise and assess potential futures and pathways, identify risks and opportunities, and explore options for policy and action. This presentation describes the foresight journey of the European Environment Agency and its European network of environment foresight experts who, since 2008, have been building foresight capacities, developing and piloting participatory foresight methods and producing a growing body of knowledge in support of national and EU environmental policies.‍