Andrew Potapov


Superfluid Futures

Researcher, futurist, educator, consultant. 10+ years of expertise in futures studies and decision-making science. Speaker: TEDx, REFORUM WINNING THE HEARTS, PechaKucha Night Moscow, Open Innovations, INC Future loves you Lecturer: Digital MBA of MAIL.RU Group, Universal University, MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), Sberbank Corporate University. Andrew Potapov is co-author of Superfluid Futures Theory.


Superfluid Futures Theory. How to See the Future Through the Lens of Natural Science

June 3, 2021

Finding new ways of studying and visualizing the future led us to the edge where natural science comes into the service of future thinkers. So the Superfluid Futures Theory was born. Key provisions: - Theory of Chaos and Future as a Strange Attractor - Challenging the Futures Cone and Building the Phase Space - Alternative Futures and Multiverse - Scenario and Slice‍