Anne Boysen

Futurist & Founder

After The Millenials

Anne Boysen is a professional futurist with an M.S. in Strategic Foresight from the University of Houston and Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics, and extensive training in data mining and predictive modeling from Colorado State and Penn State universities. Anne studies social change in the context of generational shifts, particularly Generation Z. She is also a pioneer in bringing research automation and data analytics into foresight and has taught a course in these methods at the University of Houston. When Anne isn’t researching, speaking or consulting via her company After the Millennial or, she spends her time as an analyst at Google via Vaco.


Will COVID-19 deepen social, political and generational faultlines or unify us against a common enemy?

April 9, 2020

Will the COVID-19 epidemic deepen the faultiness in an already contentious social and political environment? Is it a precursor of a more disruptive change? This talk will discuss how we can expect the current pandemic to influence their emerging zeitgeist of generation Z and the interaction with other generations.