Anne Kyoya

Emerging Fellow 2021


Anne has over 21 years experience in humanitarian development, programming, and strategic leadership with international NGOs within 12 African countries. Anne's first interest in foresight studies began when she was admitted in Regent University to persue her doctoral studies in strategic leadership and foresight. One of Anne's successful foresight project was the development of a school's five years (2018-2022) strategy using foresight tools. This project identified technology as the primary factor that would shape education in the next 10 years. The resulting level of technological preparedness in the said institution led to smooth transition from in-person to virtual learning after closure of schools in May 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic. Anne has also written various articles on leadership and foresight, and a book entitled "Tackling Corruption in Africa: Anti-Corruption Solutions Beyond 2030." Anne is one of the 2021 Emerging Fellows. Anne is the founder and CEO of "Leadership Impressions Ltd," a leadership consultancy firm that focuses on strategic foresight, leadership development, culture audit, and project management. As part of her pro-bono work, Anne trains young (26-42) African professionals in diverse leadership issues. Additionally, Anne provides strategic leadership support to Emerald International School (EIS). Anne has a doctor in strategic leadership and foresight, MA in social work and disaster management, MA in theology and development, and a Bsc. in Agriculture and home economics. Anne is a wife, mother, and mentor.


APF Emerging Fellow

June 1, 2021

Emerging Fellowships of the APF are awarded to some of the most promising new futurists in order to give them a platform for cultivating their voice and to illustrate current futures issues. During this session each Fellow will present shortly their area of interest to start an open conversation on each topic and opportunities they are seeking to advance their work.