Bibiana Xausa-Bosak

Global Community Manager


Bibiana Xausa-Bosak is a woman, futurist, communicator, with a political and psychology background from her grandparents. A real mixed bag of ethnicities, with native Brazilian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish ancestry. A world citizen in love with the world's cultures, creeds and peoples. Experienced business strategist. Strong global project management, group facilitation and interpersonal skills. Critical thinking. Creativity. Proactive. Hands-on leader, human-centered, action and result-oriented. She has 10+ years of experience helping governments and Fortune 500 companies (FMCG and Financial industries) in the fields of Digital Transformation, Business Design, Circular Economy, Change Management, Corporate Ambidexterity, Design Thinking, Lean and Agile Methodologies, Futures Strategy. Bibiana is also the lead-author of "New Normal Under Construction” research and book, "Co-creator of the game “E-milie, an Experience in Possible Futures” a Keynote Speaker and currently the new global community manager at the APF - Association of Professional Futurists.


Futures/Foresight Communities

June 2, 2021

Join a conversation with community initiators and managers from all over the world to discuss how communities help foster the field, practise and awareness of Foresight. This session will feature a behind-the-scenes look at the roots of those communities and blurred boundaries that foster cross-collaboration. Panellists for this session include Abril Chimal, Bibiana Bosak, Majd Assi, Michel Zapata, Sophia Bazile, Victor Sarat with Tanja Schindler and John Sweeney as Co-Moderators.