Daria Krivonos


Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Daria is CEO at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. In her current role, she combines her natural curiosity in global dynamics with trends and scenario analysis, when scanning the horizon for developments, their interconnectedness and potential societal and business implication. Daria’s experience includes working for the Chief Economist and heading up Enterprise Risk Management in the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group. She has coauthored reports on topics such as geopolitics, future of global trade, transformation of trust and sustainability.


Crumbling pillars…or the turn of the 20th century tide

June 3, 2021

The pillars that have supported the 20th century namely, liberal democracy, Western-led globalisation and technological dominance of the 1st world, are experiencing competition from new ideologies and are undergoing structural changes. It remains to be seen if they remain intact during the 21st century, but thing is certain, they will not remain uncontested. What does the 21st century look like, when international institutions are weakened, technological leadership has shifted hands, political ideologies compete for longevity and climate challenges force us to find global solutions across all of these differences?