David E. Kalisz

Associate Prof. & Head of Management Department

Paris School of Business

Doctor of economics in the discipline of management sciences. Associate Professor and Head of Management Department at Paris School of Business (France). Expert in Futures Studies, Strategic Foresight and scenario Planning. Certified Foresight Practitioner (IFTF), member of Association of Professional Futurists and International Institute of Forecasters. David teaches Megatrends and Understanding Future (EN) and Prospective – Dessiner l'avenir (FR), and also courses designed to deeper test and explore the long-term impact on industries and


Beyond Scenarios – New Dimensions of Understanding the Future

June 1, 2021

In times of peace, prosperity, and growth, few people think about working boldly to build the future. Designing the future is more than just making accurate predictions. Creating the future is a way of looking at possible development solutions within a specific time frame. In 2020, future studies and New Normal took on a whole new meaning, and more than ever before. I have proposed to call the way of looking at the future – “previstory”, the science of previsions and forecasting. There is never just one future. “Previstory” creates as many as 6 of them. The project is created in the "Future of Work" Laboratory at the Paris School of Business in France. It is also supported by the Center of the Futures Studies.