Elina Hiltunen


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Futurist Elina Hiltunen is M.Sc (chemistry) and D.Sc (economics), who has over 20 years experience in the futures studies. She is an entrepreneur, key-note speaker, consultant and author of 11 books (soon 12 books). Topics of her books include strategic foresight, future of technology, consumer trends, and megatrends. Her doctoral thesis was about weak signals (Weak signals in organizational futures learning), and in her thesis she introduced a new concept the future sign. She has also been developing crowdsourcing tool for weak signals with a company Data Rangers. The tool was called TrendWiki. Hiltunen has also written books about depression, coding for kids, and amigurumis. Her next book is a children’s fairy tale book, which was written with a space physics professor Minna Palmroth. The aim of the book is to encourage girls to study STEM.


Ten things that surprised me when I was writing a book about the future of the world

April 11, 2020

My latest book ”Coming tomorrow- how are megatrends changing our future?” (in Finnish, published autumn 2019) included answers to big questions like: how is climate change affecting our future, what is happening to the population, where do we live in the future, how do we travel, what things are affecting to our health in the future, what do we eat and how are AI and robotics affecting our lives in the future. The writing process was a massive research work, that included going through hundreds of sources of information. The writing process was also a learning and a discovery process for me – and some of the findings managed to surprise me. In this lecture I go through 10 things that surprised me, when writing the book.