Fátima Azevedo

Adviser of Office for Economic Policy and IR

Ministry of Finance. Government of Portugal

Fátima is focused on global trends and driving forces that are shaping the future to advise better public policies. Since the last 15 years she had been worked in several public agencies and futures studies projects.


Strategic foresight futures in policy-making

April 9, 2020

What we (think we) know about how pandemics will puzzle the short run (in terms of fear, decision time, science role, priorities shift & visions delaying and how it can raise the bar – but also an opportunity – to strategic foresight). A new empowerment window for strategic foresight: What trends & uncertainties have been central to scenario building How they changed in intensity, scope and impact? How to embedded wildcards into scenario building process and communicate them effectively? Sensing // “raise the bar” // Seizing