Fazidah Ithnin

Emerging Fellow 2021


Fazidah’s interest in Futures Studies started in 2012 when she was given the task to coordinate the preparation of her university’s Strategic Plan. It was during the period of study that she found the significance and complementarities of futures studies in ensuring a robust strategic plan. Mentored by a renowned futurist, her interest in strategic foresight and Futures Literacy extended further. Her active works in futures studies involved facilitating courses, writing books and articles for journals and bulletins. She also actively participated in international conferences and seminars where she presented plenary papers on futures studies and foresight approaches in her discourse analysis especially within the realms of higher education in Malaysia. Fazidah teaches English as a Second Language of which she has over 30 years of experience. She is currently attached to Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) where she teaches the undergraduate students and concurrently oversees the operations of the Chancellery Management and Relations Office where she is the Director, administering areas related to among others, university marketing, media planning and relations, corporate image and branding as well as event management. Fazidah views Futures Literacy and Futures Studies as mandatory requisites for a sustainable future for any nation and organization and she hopes to be able to develop futures literacy awareness in her home country, Malaysia where it has not been widely adopted yet. She is currently pursuing her M.A (Ed) focusing on Curriculum for the Future via Futures Studies


APF Emerging Fellow

June 1, 2021

Emerging Fellowships of the APF are awarded to some of the most promising new futurists in order to give them a platform for cultivating their voice and to illustrate current futures issues. During this session each Fellow will present shortly their area of interest to start an open conversation on each topic and opportunities they are seeking to advance their work.