Jaime Alvarez

Anticipation Specialist

National Innovation Council for Development (CNID)

Anticipation Specialist of the National Council of Innovation for Development (CNID). He is also part of a global network of expert professionals focused on bringing emerging futures to high-level decision-making. Multidisciplinary thinker with a strong engineering background combined with a wide range of intellectual interests. Ample experience in the public sector in long-term initiatives around complex phenomena. Electronic Civil Engineer from the Federico Santa María Technical University and MBA from the Adolfo Ibáñez University with extensive previous experience in energy, retail, technology and consulting.


Evolution of anticipatory thinking in the National Council of Innovation for Development of Chile (2006 - present)

June 1, 2021

The National Council of Innovation for Development is a government institution with public and private members that reports directly to the President of Chile. It was founded in 2006 to advocate for science, technology and innovation as a way for achieving development, in the context of concerns about our country's future amidst an increasingly complex and uncertain world. In this session we will present the evolution of the anticipatory thinking of the Council for the past 15 years, beginning with the view of the future around the economic-centered view that was mainstream in 2006 and ending with the acknowledgment of the relevance of the emergent futures. We will also present the challenges we faced while we changed our views on how to think about innovation and the future.