Jennifer Chan

Co-Founder & CEO

Department of Imaginary Affairs

Jennifer Chan (she/her) is a second-generation Chinese Canadian, born and raised in Tkaranto (colonially known as Toronto). Jenn is a designer, researcher, facilitator, and idea generator by profession, by nature she is an empath, a caregiver and an idealist. This wicked combination has led Jenn to work on elevating and amplifying the stories of the underestimated. Jenn is the co-founder and CEO of the Department of Imaginary Affairs. The Department of Imaginary Affairs is a national nonprofit in Canada working to imagine equitable futures. Jenn holds a Bachelors of Architectural Science and a Masters of Design, in Strategic Foresight and Innovation. In addition to her academic education, Jenn continues to learn and unlearn the ways in which white supremacy gets in the way of equitable futures from the work she does with the community and other anti-oppression and anti-racism practitioners.


Serious Gaming for Transformative Futures

June 1, 2021

Join a conversation with leading futurists from around the world to explore the promise and perils of using games to explore, imagine, and create futures. This session will feature a behind-the-scenes look at the design and development of popular gaming platforms and tools. Panelists for this session include: Stuart Candy, Jennifer Chan, Shermon Cruz, and Lead Zaidi with Tanja Schindler and John Sweeney as Co-Moderators. Game on!