Jose Ramos


Action Foresight

José Ramos is director of Action Foresight, co-editor in chief of the Journal of Futures Studies, and adjunct senior lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast. He runs courses and writes on anticipatory experimentation and governance, and participatory and mutant futures.


Epic Times and Mutant Futures

June 1, 2021

Epic Times is a framing by which we understand ourselves as participants in the great transformations and transitions happening in our world, where we play meaningful roles in the grand drama of the 21st century. Epic Times requires an emerging methodology of the hand, mind and heart - Mutant Futures. Mutant Futures is an invitation and call to action to align our selves with what the futures may be asking us to bring forth. The futures may be asking us to bring forth new selves. It may also be asking us to bring forth new methods, hybrid, mutant or otherwise, to address its emerging challenges and dilemmas. This talk gives a brief overview of these ideas and potentials with opportunity for discussion.