Joshua Polchar

Strategic Foresight Analyst


Joshua Polchar is an OECD policy analyst and strategic foresight facilitator. Working in the Office of the Secretary-General, he designs and delivers interventions and processes to build anticipatory capacity in a range of organisations. Joshua is an alumnus and former trainer in the Oxford Scenarios Programme as well as a lecturer on the Disrupted Futures course at EM Lyon business school.


Learning from the Future for Better Policies Today

April 9, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis is already having unprecedented impacts and generating policy responses that few would have thought possible just three months ago. The crisis is also generating unprecedented levels of uncertainty about what further consequences may emerge over the coming months and what new policy directions may become necessary and possible. In this interactive session, OECD Strategic Foresight will lead participants through an exploration of some of the key uncertainties, drivers, and desired outcomes associated with this pandemic.