Julie Jenson Benett


School Of International Futures

Julie Jenson Bennett is a researcher, strategist, writer and technologist. She started her career in the technology industry at Intel Corporation and then in product design for clients such as Bang & Olufsen, Wrigley and Electrolux, building a set of forward-looking methods and practices called meaning-centred design. Julie's work uses a blend of social science, emotion science, design, communication and technology expertise to imagine and create futures that extend the richness of human experience. Today, Julie leads an observatory on Intergenerational Fairness in public policymaking at the School of International Futures, lectures at Central Saint Martins in the school of industrial design, and co-directs The Generation Poetry Project, exploring new communication systems emerging amongst younger people.


Embedding strategic foresight into decision making through the lens of Intergenerational Fairness

June 2, 2021

Tensions triggered by the financial crisis, climate change and COVID-19 are driving huge global interest in the distribution of costs and benefits across generations -- those alive today and those who will be born in the future. Most people want to do what’s fair and leave a positive legacy for their children and grandchildren. But thinking long-term is difficult in the face of short-term pressures.To help incentivise decision makers to act fairly across generations, the School of International Futures has spent three years developing a framework for the independent, systematic and participatory assessment of policies and investments. In this session, Julie Jenson Bennett, who leads our Intergenerational Fairness Observatory, will share how this lens embeds strategic foresight into the everyday work of designing better policy and making just decisions between people alive today and tomorrow.