Kwamou Eva Feukeu

Futures Literacy Project Officer / Africa Coordinator


FEUKEU Kwamou Eva is a Project Officer acting as the Africa coordinator for Futures Literacy at UNESCO. She is an experienced facilitator and lab designer involved in labs run mainly in Africa and Europe since 2014, and a full member of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) and Plurality U+ network. A jurist by training, she focuses her recent works on the role that norms play in the production and evolution of anticipatory systems using lessons learned from postcolonial legally pluralist contexts as evidence of complexity. She is also keen to work on African representations and uses of the future. She is currently a PhD candidate in Complexity Studies and Law at the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST) at the University of Stellenbosch. She holds a Master’s Degree in business litigation and arbitration and a Bachelor in African studies from Sciences Po Paris.


Shocks, Improvisation and Complexity: An Anticipatory Systems Perspective on Using-the-future

April 9, 2020

What if Covid-19 was a democratization trigger: the democratization of shocks? Thinking back to conversations on postnormal times, we are encouraged to think of uncertainty as our only certainty, shifting the frame from risk assessment to adaptation to complexity. This requires a toolkit that integrates broader anticipatory thinking, in one word, Futures Literacy as theorized by Riel Miller (2015, 2018), but also humility in our understanding of time, agency, learning and our role as futurists/anticipation specialists. On that note, African apprehensions of uncertainty provide an interesting reading of our times.