Leah Zaidi


Multiverse Design

Leah is an award-winning futurist and the founder of Multiverse Design, a Toronto-based foresight consultancy. She combines strategy and science fiction to create future-proof innovations, design preferred state business models, and construct pathways for complex organizational change. She has worked with and for a variety of startups, arts and culture, financial services, academia, government, corporate, and not-for-profit organizations, including TIFF, UNESCO, and Gensler. Leah creates story-based experiential futures to challenge conventional thinking, communicate complex ideas, and pull the future into the present. She is also the founder of the Toronto chapter of Speculative Futures.


The Dangers of Dismissing Dystopias

April 11, 2020

Covid-19 is an unevenly distributed dystopia. As our global systems break down amidst the crisis, it is important to acknowledge how we got here. Too often, we dismiss negative images of the future in favour of brighter ones that paint a more desirable or convenient picture. While it is tempting to forgo dark futures for the sake of realizing bright ones, dystopias play an important role in society. This presentation will demonstrate why Covid-19 is a dystopia, the value of designing with dystopias, and how we can use dystopias to build a better future for all.