Low Wei Ling


Roses of Peace

Low Wei Ling is a 2019 interfaith ambassador under a Singaporean non-profit organisation Roses of Peace. She was previously involved in chaplaincy activities, which heightened her awareness on interfaith and spirituality matters. The Author has great academic interest in the role of religion in modern life and how to foster open communication between leaders and followers of different religions.


Postnormal Religiosity in Pandemic Times: A Polylogue

June 2, 2021

If 2020 has taught us anything it is that it is hard to keep faith or trust in what we previously considered to be normal, conventional or orthodox. The simultaneity of the pandemic and the lockdown, showed complex globalised fragility never experienced before. The effects of the COVID-19 lockdown shows us that we are in postnormal times where the “conventions about how society is supposed to function have been undermined. Nothing describes the post normal reality of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown than what has happened within the space of faith and religiosity. This panel will describe the journey undertaken in these postnormal times around faith and religiosity