Marguerite Coetzee

Emerging Fellow 2021


With a Masters in Anthropology and a Post-Graduate in Futures Studies, experience as a marketing consultant, and skilled in visual storytelling, Marguerite focuses on conducting research, formulating strategies, and theorising about culture and futures. Her background in the social sciences gives her the tools with which to navigate what makes us human, and training in Foresight enables her to understand, prepare for, and create change. Marguerite established Omniology – a research and strategy project rooted in African histories, realities, and imaginings. She works as an independent consultant in South Africa, with a global network of thinking partners and clients.


APF Emerging Fellow

June 1, 2021

Emerging Fellowships of the APF are awarded to some of the most promising new futurists in order to give them a platform for cultivating their voice and to illustrate current futures issues. During this session each Fellow will present shortly their area of interest to start an open conversation on each topic and opportunities they are seeking to advance their work.