Michell Zappa

Founder & CEO


Futurist, information designer and founder. Work aims to illustrate the implications of accelerating change and facilitate a higher level of awareness about our relationship to technology. Founded Envisioning, technology foresight institute, in 2011 after publishing a series of speculative infographics. Has supported development since day one. Devised initial methodologies and research frameworks. Currently responsible for partnerships. Collaborated on projects on all continents. He is a public speaker technology strategy consultant. Works with public institutions, companies and academia. Work featured in WIRED and TASCHEN. Lectures about technological transformation. Responsible for the technology thinking module at THNK School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam. Member of the Association of Professional Futurists and World Future Society. Holds BA in Communications. Born in Stockholm, raised in São Paulo. Has lived in six countries and worked in over 30. Oversaw design and platform development at Trendwatching in London and Amsterdam before launching Envisioning. Michell cares intensely about our future and encourages people to do the same. Through his work, he helps people prepare for and build better futures.


Futures/Foresight Communities

June 2, 2021

Join a conversation with community initiators and managers from all over the world to discuss how communities help foster the field, practise and awareness of Foresight. This session will feature a behind-the-scenes look at the roots of those communities and blurred boundaries that foster cross-collaboration. Panellists for this session include Abril Chimal, Bibiana Bosak, Majd Assi, Michel Zapata, Sophia Bazile, Victor Sarat with Tanja Schindler and John Sweeney as Co-Moderators.