Miguel Jiménez

CEO & Founder

FFWD - Futures Intelligence


Common Issues You'll Find Trying to Adopt Foresight at Organizations

June 2, 2021

In this session, you will learn about the common issues and misunderstandings when trying to implement foresight at any organization. In the last years, I had experience with many public and private organizations, small and big, local and multinational, and most of them end up with a very similar set of issues when implementing foresight. It somehow relates to the issues of identifying strategy, innovation, and foresight as different things, or the relationship that connects all of them, but it also falls back to the basic understanding on why doing foresight is relevant to organizations today. I will present a small personal framework that helps to identify the different opportunities of introducing foresight, and what might be the best model for your organization.

Fearscapes: How collective narratives influence and shape the future

April 10, 2020