Pupul Bisht


Decolonizing Futures Initiative

Pupul is a multi-disciplinary designer and futurist and the Winner of the Joseph Jaworski Next Generation Foresight Practitioners Award 2018. Her practice is rooted in human-centred insights and lies at the intersection of futures thinking, design, and participatory research. She founded the Decolonizing Futures Initiative in 2018— a global project that aims to engage marginalized communities in imagining their preferred futures. Through this initiative, Pupul is pioneering the use of her novel foresight method inspired by the Kaavad folk-storytelling tradition of Rajasthan, India— one of the first and only foresight methods directly derived from a non-western tradition. With a belief that the stories we tell of our pasts shape our futures, Pupul has dedicated her multidisciplinary creative practice to uncovering narratives of alternative histories and marginalized futures that otherwise lie in under-explored nooks of our everyday world. Through the use of storytelling as a tool, she hopes to move foresight outside organizational confines and engage in mass dialogue about our collective future as a civilization.


The Future Now: perspectives from people in places

April 11, 2020

Geci Karuri-Sebina in conversation with Pupul Bisht (Decolonizing Futures) and Riel Miller (UNESCO Futures Literacy). Welcome to our couch conversation. The session invites 3 discussants from Europe/North America, Asia and Africa into a conversation about their vantages as futurists in the current times. What are they experiencing in these different places, and what does the Corona pandemic seem to invite (or change) in the present or the future, if anything? What perspective do their own approaches to futuring offer up?