Raquel Janissek-Muniz



PhD in Strategic Foresight (UPMF, Grenoble, France). Master Sciences in Information Systems (Université de Geneve, Suisse). Professor and Researcher [School of Management/UFRGS]. Director at IEAFutureLab. Main lines of research: Strategic Foresight, Anticipative Intelligence, Weak Signals, Foresight & Innovation, Smart Data x Big Data, Critical factors of foresight processes.


Anticipative strategic scanning through weak-signal detection: a foresight french method

June 2, 2021

Anticipative Strategic Intelligence is understood as a process of transforming information from the company's relevant environment into strategies. This process allows the company to perceive, analyze, interpret and act based on signals from the business environment. Weak Signals (WS), despite its fragile name, can alert us about a possible event in the future. However, the exploitation of WS is, indeed, a challenging business, because to get it in any environment is not an easy task. The French method "Anticipative Strategic Intelligence" was conceived to, from WS, lead managers to act, in a proactive and collective way. Therefore, it gives for those companies or organizations that adopt the method a unique and competitive feature.