Roger Dennis


Innovation Matters

Roger Dennis works in the continuum between foresight, strategy and innovation. In 2006 he co-led the Shell Technology Futures programme for the GameChanger team in The Hague, was part of the core team for Future Agenda - the world’s largest foresight programme - and has worked across a range of industries. His thinking has been referenced in numerous publications in including the FT and Scientific American. Roger is a frequent speaker at events around the world, and presented on cities and climate change at the 2015 Nobel Laureate Symposium in Hong Kong.


The Failure of Futures Thinking

April 10, 2020

It doesn’t matter how thorough the analysis is, how many charts are in the report or how good the graphics are - most futures work fails to resonate with people. In this session Roger will use two case studies to show how to get people to engage with long term thinking, and the impact it can create. One of these case studies involves a world renowned health system transformation, and the other a pandemic analysis report from 2015.