Ruth Marshall

Head of Futures Capability

UK Government Office for Science

Ruth Marshall is Head of Futures Capability at the Government Office for Science. She has over 20 years’ experience in the Civil Service covering roles in legislation, strategy, policy, implementation, sponsorship, corporate development and private office. She has a strong track record of championing policy capability work across government. Ruth took on the futures role this year to learn, share and champion the contribution futures can make to long-term, evidence-based and resilient policy-making.


International Futures: how different countries use futures approaches for long-term planning’

June 3, 2021

The shaping of national strategy (or ‘grand strategy’) has traditionally been the domain of government elites – top-down and ‘behind closed doors’. But this is beginning to change, with countries from Wales to Singapore starting to give people a say in the future that their children or grandchildren will inherit. In the UK, the School of International Futures has piloted a unique approach to running a participatory national futures dialogue, giving citizens - and members of the next generation in particular - a central role in shaping their country’s future place in the world. Our 'National Strategy for the Next Generations' programme weaves together strategic foresight, applied history and mass youth engagement, connecting the visions of young people to traditional planning processes to build a more united and plausible national narrative. This session will explain our approach, cover the lessons we have learned, and set out our plans for the future application of this work in the UK and beyond.