Sophia Bazile

Community Manager

Futures Space

Sophia Bazile is a long-time education professional, consultant, facilitator, ICF-trained coach, and soon-to-be Certified Foresight Practitioner. A connector of people and ideas, she calibrates curiosity and catalyzes transformational change by serving as both companion and guide on journeys of individual and collective inquiry. Sophia has partnered with a range of purpose and impact-driven individuals, institutions, and organizations for projects across diverse areas of interest and industry. Much of her work is committed to building awareness and capacities around futures and foresight in marginalized and underrepresented communities. At present, she is the Community Manager of Futures Space: The Digital Home for Futurists and Futures Activists, working on Community Design for ACCEPT (Admissions Community Cultivating Equity and Peace Today) and serving on several task forces in the APF’s transformation efforts. She is also Co-Director and curator of several themes for the upcoming 7th Annual Asia-Pacific Futures Network Conference. Other ongoing independent and collaborative efforts include: Inclusive, Decolonial, and Black Futures initiatives, personal futures frameworks, and explorations at the intersection of spirituality, culture, and health and wellness. A self-proclaimed outlier and perpetual experimentalist, she’s excited to contribute to discourse in the realm of what she describes as “Fringe Futures”: bringing imaginations of lesser-explored topics to the fore alongside those not ordinarily represented, in commune with members of the professional futurist community – and everyone in-between.


Futures/Foresight Communities

June 2, 2021

Join a conversation with community initiators and managers from all over the world to discuss how communities help foster the field, practise and awareness of Foresight. This session will feature a behind-the-scenes look at the roots of those communities and blurred boundaries that foster cross-collaboration. Panellists for this session include Abril Chimal, Bibiana Bosak, Majd Assi, Michel Zapata, Sophia Bazile, Victor Sarat with Tanja Schindler and John Sweeney as Co-Moderators.