Sylvia Galluser

Founder & CEO

Silicon Humanism

Sylvia is an inquirer of our future, conducting foresight research on the future of health, well-aging, and social interaction, the future of work and life-long learning, as well as transformations in mobility and retail. She closely monitors the future of the mind and transhumanism. She also investigates Artificial General Intelligence and AI ethics. She is involved in the future of our oceans and sustainability, and supports positive ocean tech startups. This past year, she focused her research on mental health and the home of the 2020s, developing a resilient housing framework and four archetypes of future homes. Sylvia has been advising 500+ tech companies on their strategy, business development, and funding for the past 15 years - as an IT consultant at Accenture, Head of Tech Division at Business France North America, General Manager at French Tech Hub, and Cofounder at big bang factory. Sylvia graduated from HEC Paris (2003). She settled in San Francisco in 2005, where she has developed a special interest in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. She is a published author of Future Fiction with Fast Future Publishing, teaches MBA classes, and facilitates workshops on go-to-market strategy, competitive analysis, futures thinking, worldbuilding, and entrepreneurship.


A Philosophy of the Future(s)

June 2, 2021

We will scan over centuries of philosophy to understand how the future has been addressed by philosophers. We will also investigate how philosophy provides a framework to think about the futures and augments our foresight techniques. We will eventually present applications in the field of ethics and intergenerational justice.