Tanja Schindler

Founder & Guardian

Futures Space

Tanja Schindler is a passionate futurist and has international experience in foresight, innovation, leadership and strategy. She holds a double master’s degree MBA / Master of Strategic Foresight from the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Through her international experience and the use of Foresight, she sees the world from different perspectives and enables her audience to rethink. Her focus is on emphasising the advantages of the futures mindset in the areas of strategy, innovation and leadership and understanding foresight as a holistic, sustainable and targeted organisational orientation. She has over ten years of professional experience in corporate, startups, and as a freelancer. She is the founder and guardian of the Futures Space network - a collaborative network of futurists and thought leaders to master future challenges and test the future of work together with companies.


How to dance with uncertainty using Futures Thinking!

April 10, 2020

Futures Thinking is like learning how to dance to unknown music. Instead of being paralysed, a Futures Mindset gives us the skills of how to find a new rhythm until we are comfortable with a considerable amount of uncertainty and yet capable of making future-oriented decisions. In this slot, I will speak about how we all need to learn how to dance with change and how a crisis can be excellent training for our brains to look for new opportunities instead of solely focusing on the threat. Once we found our rhythm, we can use maps of the future as additional guidance to find our own pathways into the future. In the end, the future is our dance partner, and it is on us to decide who will lead. So shall we dance?