Tanja Schindler

Founder & Guardian

Futures Space

Tanja Schindler is a passionate, international and award-winning Futurist for more than seven years and has international experience in foresight, innovation, leadership and strategy. She holds a double MBA/Master of Strategic Foresight with distinction from the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Through her international application of foresight, she sees the world from various perspectives and enables others to deal with the future and its uncertainty. Her focus is to emphasise the advantages of a Futures Mindset. Tanja is the founder and guardian of the global community Futures Space. There, she explores the future with members from all over the world to create future maps that identify opportunities and challenges to shape the future jointly. Since January 2021, she is also Vice-Chair of the board of directors of the Association of Professional Futurists and leads the EU funded project ’Stories from 2050’.


APF Ask A Futurist

June 3, 2021

The Ask Us Anything: Futurists on the Hot Seat session is an open conversation that explores professional futures practice and foresight. Participants can ask the speakers anything about futures thinking, futures literacy, applied foresight, and professional foresight practice

Futures/Foresight Communities

June 2, 2021

Join a conversation with community initiators and managers from all over the world to discuss how communities help foster the field, practise and awareness of Foresight. This session will feature a behind-the-scenes look at the roots of those communities and blurred boundaries that foster cross-collaboration. Panellists for this session include Abril Chimal, Bibiana Bosak, Majd Assi, Michel Zapata, Sophia Bazile, Victor Sarat with Tanja Schindler and John Sweeney as Co-Moderators.

Serious Gaming for Transformative Futures

June 1, 2021

Join a conversation with leading futurists from around the world to explore the promise and perils of using games to explore, imagine, and create futures. This session will feature a behind-the-scenes look at the design and development of popular gaming platforms and tools. Panelists for this session include: Stuart Candy, Jennifer Chan, Shermon Cruz, and Lead Zaidi with Tanja Schindler and John Sweeney as Co-Moderators. Game on!

Stories from 2050: Participatory Futures to uncover sustainability opportunities and challenges for Europe

June 1, 2021

With this EU funded project, we developed a participators futures approach to collect and create inspiring and thought-provoking imagery and narratives. The project aims to develop further the vision of a Clean Planet 2050 and the implementation of the European Green Deal by better understanding futures challenges and opportunities. The stories should inspire to create a healthier, fairer, more prosperous and resilient Europe. This keynote will show insights into the Foresight and participatory futures approach and take you on a journey to discover alternative planets in 2050. Get insights into the methodology, approach and results of this pathway to include communities and citizens in imagining the future of Europe.

How to dance with uncertainty using Futures Thinking!

April 10, 2020

Futures Thinking is like learning how to dance to unknown music. Instead of being paralysed, a Futures Mindset gives us the skills of how to find a new rhythm until we are comfortable with a considerable amount of uncertainty and yet capable of making future-oriented decisions. In this slot, I will speak about how we all need to learn how to dance with change and how a crisis can be excellent training for our brains to look for new opportunities instead of solely focusing on the threat. Once we found our rhythm, we can use maps of the future as additional guidance to find our own pathways into the future. In the end, the future is our dance partner, and it is on us to decide who will lead. So shall we dance?