Tessa Finlev

Foresight Strategist

Dolby Laboratories

Tessa Finlev is Dolby Laboratory’s first ever Foresight Strategist. In this role, she is experimenting with how to build foresight capacity across the company in the most impactful and sustainable way. Before joining Dolby Labs, Tessa was Research Director at Institute for the Future. She has led trainings, facilitated workshops, and conducted research around the world; from Nigeria to Sudan, Kenya, and South Africa, to Thailand and Malaysia, to Ukraine and Saudi Arabia, and across Europe. She has an MA in International Political Economy and a BA in Anthropology.


How To Think About The Future During a Global Pandemic

April 10, 2020

We are drowning in scenarios and ideas about how life might be different when this pandemic is over, if the threat of ongoing social distancing ever goes away. There’s an overwhelming amount of scenarios, all of which have grains of truth, and many of which are contradictory. How do we even begin to make sense of what the post pandemic world might look like so that we can begin to act and prepare accordingly?