Thomas Boermans

Head of Foresight


Thomas Boermans is heading the Foresight activities at E.ON, a European energy company. With the experience of 15 years of consulting in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energies and climate protection for companies, associations, ministries and the European Commission, Thomas Boermans joined E.ON in 2016.


Creating impactful foresight - sharing experience from E.ON

June 2, 2021

Everybody agrees we should make best use of future opportunities and avoid emerging risks and therefore look ahead. However, when doing so it becomes obvious that this is a very interesting, yet challenging endeavor: There is an ocean of information: what should we look at? There are so many opinions: how do we form ours? And If we have views: how can the company benefit? At E.ON Foresight we experienced that the answers are a lot about the intersections between these points. Let's have a look.