A Transformationalist's Guide To Saving The Future

Old systems that were built on mindsets of linear thinking, simplistic viewpoints and predictable models act as traps that keep us from evolving past short-term strategies, fear-based governance and “fight and flight” reactions. In order to truly maneuver through the seas of uncertainty that are constantly rising around us and democratize the future, we must construct a new understanding of how the world actually works - we must move beyond adaptation or resilience as our response to the future, and begin cultivating a mindset of transformational change. But... how? The answer is as big as the question! If we are going to truly design better tomorrows, we must actively promote an anticipatory way of thinking and acting known as Holoptic Foresight DynamicsTM. HFD is the use of widespread foresight development across all domains to foster the intentional evolutionary trait of collectively and cooperatively identifying complex emergence. Beyond navigating our volatile and unpredictable landscape, HFD is an evolutionary movement away from mindsets that promote survival, to thinking that fosters future-empowered transformation.

April 9, 2020


Frank Spencer

Frank Spencer

Founder, Principle & Creative Director

Kedge Futures