Green Shoots: Humankind meets Future Shock

Rutger Bregman’s book Humankind argues that it is realistic to assume that most people are good. Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock argued that society was changing too fast for people to be able to cope. Our new book, Green Shoots: from here to there, shows how people can flourish in this changing world. In this keynote, we are pleased to share our thinking with you – why, at a time of great uncertainty, we believe that there is opportunity to move Beyond Uncertainty. The disruptors in our society are many – from Covid-19 to global warming and technology. We see green shoots in the capabilities of people and organisations to work together across boundaries to achieve massive innovation at speed, during the development of the Covid-19 vaccines. We see green shoots in the way that Generation Z and Millennials adopt and use technology to build initiatives to change the narrative. We see green shoots in the sea change in attitudes of governments and companies to tackling global warming, over the last year. In this keynote we share some of our insights gained through our research and extensive global consultancy. We hope we can infect you with the optimism we feel for the opportunities of today.

June 1, 2021


Patricia Lustig

Patricia Lustig


LASA Insight
Gill Ringland

Gill Ringland

Emeritus Fellow

Sami Consulting