The principles of trust arise from the arc of responsibility and accountability. Kalām, is the expression. As the civilizations progress, in ways and forms, that it itself determines, the inner self informs the alternate realities. The failure of imagination can cause real harm. The rules of navigation change with changing technologies and evolving interest. The human connection is the essence of weaving the realities of the future. And as these new realities take form, heightened complexities will emerge, newer languages of interactions be invented; Through wisdom, ideas, invention, and discoveries the human civilization has found meanings. And as it finds meanings, it creates history. So, the fundamental challenge becomes How would people in the future learn, and then how would their thinking inform their decisions? Will future human civilisations avoid the risk of being cyclical. The languages that would generate insights of futures innerselves broaden our comprehension of the structures, not just in the realm of politics, trade, science and technology but also culture, rituals, traditions, relationships, habits, behaviours. The insights of our innerselves would connect the dots in to the future that would help the humankind solve longterm challenges.

April 10, 2020


Puruesh Chaudhary

Puruesh Chaudhary

Founder & President

AGAHI / Foresight Lab