Are your futurevisions at risk? Embedding Risk and Resilience Thinking in Futures Thinking Workshops

The future is perceptual, perpetual and open and so are strategic, tactical, existential risks and threats are invisible or not. Hopes and risks come in pairs, isn't it? As futures thinking sessions and collective intelligence labs are geared to enable people and communities to imagine alternative and preferred futures, the space to discuss, deliberate and imagine possible and probable risks and threats that may impact shared visions are more often than not lacking or absent in futures thinking seminars and workshops. Futures frameworks rarely integrate or embed risk and resilience thinking and tools in futures thinking workshops. The questions that underline risks and threats that may disrupt collective shared visions and futures are wanting. Futurists rarely map the external threats and stress test these visions to withstand grand disruptions. If the endgame of foresight is to enabling of people, organizations and societies to imagine and create preferred futures, to challenge used and default visions of the future, then risk and resilience thinking and tools must be critical in creating an adaptive, agile, resilience transformative future visions. This seminar accentuates risk and resilience thinking in futures thinking and strategy development workshop.

April 11, 2020


Shermon Cruz

Shermon Cruz

Founder. Chief Futurist & Executive Director

Center for Engaged Foresight